Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentines Day Kissing Ball Decoration

I found this beautiful wreath made out of crepe paper rosettes created by Natalie at Corduroy Dreams.  Check out her tutorial for step-by-step instructions to make this wreath for yourself.

So today I made a trip to the Dollar Store to grab the supplies to make one for my Valentines Day decorating.  I wasn't able to find the wreath form at the Dollar Store, so instead, I created three rosette balls to hang in my dining room.

The supplies I used to make each ball...

Let me first say, Natalie's rosettes turned out SO much nicer than mine.  I think I was using a slightly different technique in creating mine.  However, I was happy with the results.

The foam balls came in halves.  I hot glued a length of ribbon in a loop onto the flat side of one half of the sphere.

Glue the two halves together.

I glued the rosettes on as I created them, trying to place them  to fill in the holes.
Find the instructions on creating the rosettes HERE.

Make smaller rosettes, or roll small pieces of crepe to fill in any holes in your sphere.

The finished rosette ball.

And the complete display...

I am very happy with the finished result!  A simple and inexpensive way to add something special for Valentine's Day.


  1. Love it! Such a good idea to modify it based on what you could find.

    Thanks for linking my post!

  2. yours turned out fab!!! Those things take some practice.....but I think the imperfect ones are just as beautiful! I've got a spot that needs these Now I have a crafty project to do today.....yayyyyyyy!!!!

  3. LOVE them! They turned out way cute.

  4. Yours look great! I am definitely going to try this!

  5. These are great! And I love the color of your walls! I would love for you to link up to my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties!

  6. They turned out fabulously! Love, love, love them. ;)


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