Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl Scouts This Week

At our last meeting my Brownie Girl Scouts were working on their Make It, Eat It patch.

These are the things that we did to earn our patch.
It was a fun troop meeting!

Herb Planting

I found this idea in the March Issue of Family Fun Magazine.
Using a cut, plastic pop bottle, we filled the top half with dirt, added parsley seeds, and inserted a stick with the "Parsley" written on it (and the girl scout's initials).
You fill the bottom of the container with water (covering the dirt in the bottle on top), which will allow water to seep upwards, keeping your dirt moist.

Troop Cookbooks

Each girl brought her favorite recipe to share.

The girls decorated a mini photo album cover, and filled it with the recipes.  We also included recipes for the things we would be making at our meeting (shown below).

Shirley Temples
The girls LOVED these!  So easy to make, and so yummy!
We used the recipe shared HERE

Walking Tacos
Instructions can be found HERE
We brought cooked taco meat kept warm in the slow cooker.  The girls were able to prepare their Walking Tacos buffet style, so they could make them just the way they'd like them best.

Ice Cream in a Ziploc Bag
Instructions can be found HERE
We were running short on time, so we had to send this one home with the kids.
We learned that the salt is key!  We also brought along mint extract and crushed Oreos, allowing the girls to create the ice cream flavor of their choice.

All of these activities proved to be lots of fun.
Best part is... you don't need to be a Girl Scout (or a kid, for that matter) to enjoy them!


  1. I saw those planters in the family fun magazine and want to make them too! They look really fun. Love the shirley temples too.

  2. love the recycle self watering flower pot!

  3. What a fabulous meeting, makes me wish I had been a girl scout!

    Gorgeous ideas that would be perfect to do with my Little Man.

  4. Such fun! I love it. The shirley temples are so sweet. I want to try that taco in a bag too!

  5. I wish YOU would have been my Girl Scout leader! I am CERTAIN I would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did.

    So wonderful you're a Master Reiki Practitioner!


  6. OH MY OH MY that is just too clever - what a perfect way to make sure they never dry out and it looks nice too. We are SO doing this!!!! FAB! Thanks!

    Thank you for linking up :-)


  7. Love it! My scouts are also Brownies...and hey we have not earned that tryit yet. I definitely see this on my to do list!!! Thanks for the ideas.

  8. overwhelmed with so many delicious recipes, thanks!

    Check out my recent post @ http://blog.memetales.com/2011/03/st-patricks-day-craft-and-book/

  9. You did a lot of fun and creative things, wtg my dd is a Daisy next year she'll be a Brownie I hope ;) TFS


  10. I had those Walking Tacos a few years ago at an amusement park. Yummy! My son starts baseball practice soon and that might be a fun "dinner on the run" for us.

    I'm going to try those planters too.

  11. I just discovered your blog via Pinterest. Great resource! I am now following.


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