Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicks & Bunnies ~ a Simple Easter Craft

I have a fun and easy Easter craft for you and the kids!
This craft is quick and fun.  Make these little bunnies and chicks to decorate for Easter, as party favors, class goodies to share, or even something special to tuck in your child's Easter Basket.

Aren't they cute?

And even more fun... they hold little treats!

Supplies Needed:
-  Plastic Easter Eggs
-  Craft Foam (I used blue, pink and yellow... I needed orange, but card stock did the trick!)
-  Googly Eyes
-  PomPoms (for bunny tail)
-  String or Embroidery Floss (for bunny whiskers)
-  Feathers (for the chick)
-  Glue (I used hot glue)

I'm assuming these are pretty easy to figure out without me going into detail.  However, perhaps that is not the case!  If you have any questions, or need me to post more detail, let me know!  Otherwise... here are some photos to explain.  :)

 The Bunny

The Chick

The Sneaky Child!

I love them!  Can't wait to make these with the kids this afternoon.


  1. thats such a cute idea!! man i wish i still worked in a preschool so i could use some of these ideas!!

  2. Way too cute!! I'm going to pass this along to my 2nd grade teacher daughter. :)

  3. Do you have a template for the foam parts? I could probably make one myself but just wondered if I was missing something. Thanks!

  4. Thanks everyone! Patti, sorry, I did not include a template for the pieces. I just cut them out by hand. I am sure you could draw some up fairly easily though. They don't necessarily need to be like those I made either. You just need something to stabilize the egg a bit. For the chick, you could make a base to glue it to and add the feet to that. I just made one piece to omit a step. :) Hope that helps!

  5. This is great I found you thru the UBP and needless to say I'm following now. I absolutely love this idea and I know my boys will enjoy making them. Thank you, I will post pictures on my blog when I do them and link them back to you.

  6. Love it!

    I did a for the kids friday (linked) post about community service. Just an FYI :-)

  7. What a great blog! I am a home-school mom in her first year and this just might have to be one of my craft resources! These Easter crafts are super cute! Stopping by for the party!


  8. Those are super cute and would make fun table decorations for Easter.

  9. Oh, I adore these! As I have got a very sweet tooth I can`t have them as Easter decorations :D (Well I can but without sweets). They would also make lovely little presents to give to friends at Easter time.

  10. Very darling idea! I hope I get a chance to make these for my little ones. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments. I am getting ready to link up my printable Birthday Journaling & Coloring Page to your "For The Kids Friday".
    Take care,

  11. Oh my gosh, these are adorable. I think that Claire and I will make some of these. So cute!

  12. SO CUTE! We'll try them this weekend! Thanks!! :)

  13. Hi! Just stopping by on the UBP11 Tour! I love your site and getting to know you.

    I have followed you - I hope you'll do the same for me!

    I own a KIDS COOKING STORE called BITE SIZE CHEF - it's a FUN place, I hope you'll stop by!

    Our blog is Little Bites
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    Hope to talk to you soon!

  14. Stopping in from the UBP to say hi :)Such a cute idea! Have a great weekend!

  15. Another great project! Your chocolate egg project has been featured in my Sunday Linky this week! Thanks for sharing! :) And check it out here:

  16. love the cute bunny and chick! :)

  17. Rachel, the chick and bunny are so cute! they are adorable

  18. Oh my god, those are adorale!! :) Super easy and fun! Thanks for linking those at MBL Hands!

  19. Love 'em! OMG. Definitely will be making these. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Very cute project! What lucky kids to have such a creative Momma!

  21. great idea. i don't like these plastic eggs. but now they finally have a use.

    I linked to your pattern on my blog - thanks for sharing!

    doro K.

  22. Oh my, these are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! How lovely are they!!!

    Thanks for sharing them on Kids Get Crafty!


  23. Did you come up with this all on your own?!?!?! It's awesome. Boy, I am just in love with your blog!! Thanks for linking up to Marvelously sure to stop in next Monday for another party!!

  24. Rachel, I love your adorable idea. You can also check out my this week's easter blog -

  25. CUTE! So Simple and cute, my kids would LOVE it! I hope you join again this week :) I'll be featuring you tomorrow!!

  26. hi
    very cute one
    waiting for more


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