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Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Box Cake - Recipe

Ever thought to make a cake out of your favorite chocolate chip cookies?

Check this out....
chocolate chip cookie recipe

My inspiration...
at Martha Stewart

Isn't it awesome??
When I saw this, I knew I HAD to make one for myself.  With a fun little twist that is.

This was SOOOO simple to put together.  So whip up some of your favorite, chewy chocolate chip cookies and let's get to work!
Directions are included at Martha Stewart's site HERE...
I'm adding my version below.

- About 9 dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies (I added some Smarties/M&M's to mine for more color)
- 4 Cups Heavy (Whipping) Cream
- 8oz Mascarpone Cheese
- 2 Tbsp Sugar
- Food Coloring
- Sprinkles/Chocolate Shavings/Candy for Garnish

1) Whip 3 cups of heavy cream with the mascarpone cheese and 2 tbsp of sugar until you get peaks.

2)  Lay cookies down on a large plate or platter to form your first layer.  I used 9 cookies per layer, as shown below.

3)  I scooped out 1 cup of my whipped cream mixture into a separate bowl for each layer, and tinted it with food coloring.  For the first layer, I tried to get a light purple.. as you see in the image above.  Be careful not to over whip your cream with the food coloring.  I tried folding the color in so not to lose the consistency of the whipped cream.

Spread the tinted whip cream over your cookie layer.  I found it worked best to spoon the cream onto each cookie on the outside layer and spread it towards the center, so that the colored cream left a nice presentation on the outside of the cookie cake.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have about 9 layers of cookies (ending with a layer of cookies).  I tinted each layer of whip cream to make a rainbow... purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and white.  Afterwards, I had wished I started with a pink layer of whip cream then went to purple so I didn't end with white... but I was still happy with the results.


And here it is all layered ...

5)  Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

6)  To serve, whip up the last cup of cream (I added a little sugar to mine).  Pile the whipped cream on top, and add the garnish of your choice.

.... ready for it??

ice box cake

 We used it to celebrate three little summer birthday girls.

whip cream

And after it was attacked with the knife...

Yeah, one GIANT chocolate chip cookie... basically.

After letting it sit in the fridge with the whip cream layers, the cookies soften up to where you can cut it like a cake.



  1. Love all the colors! What a cheerful, happy & unexpected treat! Is it easy to cut in to?

  2. Now that is something different! Love all the colors!

  3. Love Martha and all the great ideas she and her staff come up with, but my hips and tummy and thighs are starting to complain!

    Such a fun 'cake'!

  4. Oh wow -- that looks so fun and delicious! I make birthday "cakes" out of cookie dough for my husband - but it's just one big round cookie. Never thought of stacking them up like that -- my daughter would probably love it!

  5. That is AWESOME! I think your Cookie Cake looks wayyyy better than Martha's! :-) That is pretty awesome. You totally need to submit this to 24/7 Moms - she is doing a birthday thing right now and I bet she would love to feature you!

  6. Ok, I think I just dies and went to Heaven! haha Chocolate chip cookies are my FAVORITE! LOVE THIS!

  7. This is AWESOME!! I'm usually the one who brings the chocolate chip cookies to parties.....this would be such a fun change of pace. I'm going to post a link to this on my blog if it's okay with you! Thanks!!

  8. Wow, so rich and beautiful! Love your colorful version:)

  9. That looks so gooooood *___* I have to make that for my little brother's 2nd birthday!

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  11. Love it!! Thanks for your continual creative dessert inspiration!!

    {Sweet Treats Thursday} thu-sun

  12. Whew! That is quite the cookie cake! How yummy looking and just perfect for those sweet birthday girls. I host a recipe swap every week and I'd love for you to come by and show off a recipe or two. Have a blessed day :)

  13. I am going to make this for DD's birthday. She doesn't like cake, and this would be fun. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Holy cow that is genius! I am new follower from Tasty Tuesday and can not wait to recreate this... not sure the occasion but I will have to come up with something!

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    I hope to see you there!

  16. What a fantastic idea! I was thinking about an ice cream cake for my little one’s birthday party next month and this would be a fantastic alternative! Thanks for sharing!

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    I want to make this ASAP
    please stop by and say hi.

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  49. Im loving this idea! My daughter is a sweet-a-holic and for her birthday we must have all kinds of cakes so this would be awesome for her FAMILY birthday party ♥ I love this!!

  50. Im loving this idea! My daughter is a sweet-a-holic and for her birthday we must have all kinds of cakes so this would be awesome for her FAMILY birthday party ♥ I love this!!

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