Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Angry Birds Inspirations

Ok... this one was TOO easy for me to pass on.
After seeing all of the awesome ideas out there inspired by the Angry Birds game, I had to put together this collection.  Of course now my son is BEGGING me for an Angry Birds Party.  Not until January, so I have some time to plan.

Love Angry Birds too?  Maybe it isn't you, but your kids that are addicted to the game.
Either way, I'm sure you'll find something here that inspires you!

Find my latest Angry Birds collection HERE!

 angry birds pizza3 Angry Birds Mini Pizzas
at Motherhood Perfected

at Make and Takes

at All Things Thrifty

at The Crafting Chicks

at My Name is Momma

Pinned Image
at Make: Craft

angry birds sandwiches Angry Birds Sandwiches for the Lunch Box
at Babble - The Family Kitchen

at Obsessively Stitching

at Craftzine.com (by Flickr user youngergirl44)

at Electricpig

at Brassy Apple

at Cute Food For Kids

at Obsessively Stitching

at Simply Styled Home

at Simply Styled Home

at Crafts by Amanda

Angry Bird Balloons (free template)
at The Party Animal

Angry Birds
at Kids & Glitter

Paper Angry Birds (free download)
at Little Plastic Men

Angry Birds Lunch
at Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

angry birds game collection costume designs 8
Angry Birds Costumes
(Do you know who gets credit for this?  I found the photo HERE)

Angry Birds Costume Tutorial
at Paws & Re-Thread

angry birds game collection halloween pumpkin carvings 6 angry birds game collection halloween pumpkin carvings 5
Angry Bird Pumpkins
(Do you know who gets credit for this?  I found these photos HERE)

Angry Birds Gingerbread House
at Popped Culture

Angry Birds Blanket
at Obsessively Stitching

at Your Life Events

at More from the Mohrs

at Toy-a-Day

Angry Birds Made from Fimo Clay
Shared on Flickr by Pocketful of Pinwheels

Angry Birds Party Pinata, Cake, & Decorations
shared at SunScholars

Did I miss anything???


  1. I am bookmarking this! So many great ideas for Angry Bird fans!!

  2. this is such a fun list. Thanks for putting this together.There is something for every season. lol

  3. LOVE all the angry fun!!!! :)

  4. We may have to do those Angry Bird pumpkins at Halloween! My fiance loves (ok, ok ~ I may have been a little addicted too :) Angry Birds. This would be perfect for his birthday in January! Thank you for making this list! I am SO bookmarking this! :)

    Have a blessed day!

  5. I love that my husband was sitting next to me playing angry birds as I was opening this page! (I told him to download it and he plays more than me!)

  6. This is awesome! Everyone in my family loves Angry Birds. I'll have to decide which project to tackle first. Thanks!

  7. Ummm....AWESOME! I don't think there's a better word...maybe Brilliant! LOVE this! Pinning it ALL!

    Chrissy @ ForMamas.blogspot.com

  8. Love it when someone puts it all together like this. I have a similar post about owls. We love Angry Birds at our house and anywhere we have to wait quietly.
    You've made a follower out of me!
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!

  9. What a wonderful collection of ideas! My son is obsessed with Angry Birds (well, who isn't?) and now I have so many great ideas thanks to you! :)

    Visiting from the It's Playtime hop! I would love it if you stopped by my blog to say hi! :)

    Mandi at boredombustingmommy.blogspot.com

  10. Those are just fun, fun! But the pizzas have got to be the best! Those are awesome!

    Kimberly @ The brown eyes have it

  11. My son loves those angry birds too! He would love all of these fabulous ideas. You did well finding such a great selection!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  12. This ROCKS!!! I love the backyard play set.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Corina Mitchell

  13. Thank you so much Rachel! My soon to be 6yr old wants an angry birds bday party, so this really came in handy! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  14. I have three little boys who LOVE Angry Birds! Thanks for putting this together! We're going to have fun making some of these. I'm totally having an Angry Birds pumpkin this year.

  15. Hi Rachel, thanks for featuring my Angry Birds costumes. Great collection you have put together!

  16. Oooh, thanks for including my Angry Birds cupcakes here with all of these other great ideas! :) I am laughing over the costumes, so awesome.

  17. Great round up. Thanks for linking up!

  18. Oh Angry Birds! I really love them all since I am a certified angry birds game fanatic! I might check it out and make some colorful DIY angry birds art projects. Thanks for this!

  19. Cute! My son took an Angry Birds lunch to his first day of Kindergarten :)


  20. Wow! I've seen many of these ... my son is an Angry Bird fanatic! But it is SO wonderful to have them all in one place! Thanks!

  21. http://speechroomnews.blogspot.com/2011/11/angry-birds-invade-speech-room.html

    This is a link to my Speech and Language glint on the birds! Free Downloadable game played like war included!


  22. So many great ideas!! I can't wait for my son's angry birds party. I'm so making that pizza. :-) The balloons will look great next to my centerpiece. Check out this personalized angry birds birthday banner I ordered last week. It came out great. http://www.bannergrams.com

  23. Love the paper gift bags! Here's a youtube tutorial for making an origami Angry Bird. We did this in my after school craft class, and the kids loved it!


  24. I had my son an angrybirds party in december and my step mom had some cool ideas we did for his party i have pics i would love to share

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  27. We may have to do those Angry Bird pumpkins at Halloween! My fiance loves (ok, ok ~ I may have been a little addicted too :) Angry Birds. This would be perfect for his birthday in January! Thank you for making this list! I am SO bookmarking this! :)
    Angry Birds Games


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