Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Parenting Tips, Tricks & Inspirations

Don't call me an expert on parenting!  I can't seem to get my kids to listen to me any better then person next to me.  However, there are SO many great resources out there to help us parents out.  I've found many great ideas on other blogs and lots of things I think I would like to incorporate into my own parenting.

So here is a list of
Parenting Tips, Tricks & Ideas
that have inspired me....

I hope you find something that inspires you too!

I'd love to hang this on the wall...

"Rules" (free printable)
at Sweet Blessings

This is so clever! 
Give your child THIS to focus on and they will calm down during their "time out".
I'd recommend a calming color, such as this blue... purple or green would be good too.
at Creative Little Daisy

I've tried other reward systems, but I love this idea!
at Counting Coconuts

What a great way to divide up the chores and keep it simple!
Chore Chart for Multiple Children
at How Does She?

Are you crafty?  I love this Chore Chart.  There is also an ice cream cone version.

Hamburger Chore Chart Tutorial
at Childmade

This is an easy Reward Store we put together.
We use this to encourage good behavior in our home.

Good Behavior Reward Store
at Sun Scholars

Great idea!!!

Good Deed Cards (free printable)
at Eighteen25

Are my kids the only ones that fight in the car?

Kid Clips for Road Trips
at Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

After being a parent for a while now,
I think this article has some great advice on discipline!

Quirky Discipline Rules that Work
at Parenting.com

You'd think at least one of my children was raised by a pack of wolves!
I love these ideas on teaching manners.

Teaching Manners and Etiquette to the Little People
at Moore Minutes

Got monsters under the bed?  In closets?  You need to be prepared!

Monster Spray
at Happy Go Lucky

The Mystery Item.... FABULOUS idea!!!

Great Ideas on Getting Your Kids to Work
from Family Volley shared at The Idea Room

Great resource for making sure your kids are eating healthy snacks!

The 50 Best Snacks for Your Child's Backpack
at NursingSchools.net

 I love the idea of grab and go snack boxes.  Check out these great ideas!
Snack container veggies
Grab-n-Go Snack Stashes
at Real Simple

Busy Bags have been a MUST have since our kids were little.
Take them anywhere you have to WAIT to entertain the kids.  They are perfect when we go out to eat.  Check out the awesome ideas shared at this Busy Bag Link Party!

Toddler Busy Bag Activities
at My Delicious Ambiguity

More Grab-n-Go Bags... these are mommy's survival kits.
Clear, zipper, baggie, storage, organize, label, declutter
Mom's On the Go Bags
at Better Homes & Gardens

Perhaps a great way to keep kids on track in the morning?
Checklist Place Mat
Checklist Place Mat (free printable)
at Spoonful

Great to have on hand if you know a kid that has "I'm bored!" in their vocabulary.

Mom, I'm Bored Jar
from Somewhat Simple shared at Skip to my Lou

Busy Boxes... a great way to entertain kids at home when things are getting hairy, you need time to cook dinner or visit with a friend... or just for a special treat.
at Playing House

I'm digging the visual lunch box ideas here.  Is packing a fun lunch each day really this easy?  I feel like such a slacker in this department now!
Turkey and cheese roll ups on a multigrain tortilla, pretzel rods, chedder bunnies, strawberries and raisins. Thanks to Amanda of lunchbox limbo  http://bit.ly/dkmSjJ for this one!
at Easy Lunch Boxes Photo Gallery

.... in case you wanted more lunch ideas.
at To the Moon and Back

Ooooh, I love this!  I think I may have to take this challenge.
at iMom

There you have it...
More reasons to show the world why you're a Super Mom!


  1. Oh I love all the great ideas here! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  2. I am drooling over this post! Thank you for all the great ideas!!

  3. Oh my Rachel,

    Thank you so much for featuring my daughters school lunches!

  4. Ahh, thanks for the shout out about the Mystery Item I posted at The Idea. Room. I hope you and your family are doing great.

  5. GREAT ideas!! Love the moms on the go bags!!

    I'm hosting a party tomorrow & would love it if you'd come link up!!


  6. This is a very useful list! thank you.

  7. Great round up! This was the most viewed link at last weeks Whatever Goes Wednesday party. I am highlighting it today.

  8. Love these! Thank you for sharing. I am goign off to look at a few of them :) thanks again!

  9. Such great ideas; thanks for the share! I love the monster spray. When my son was about 3 I took a trash bag in his room and closed the door, and came out with it (full of air) and told him I caught the monster in his closet and was going to throw it away. It worked!

    Leigh Anne
    The Queen of Iwasgonna

  10. Love, love, love this! Pinning all of them.

  11. Rachel- Thanks so much for featuring iMOM's 30 Day Challenge! We would love to send you some iMOM goodies! Please email me Madison@FamilyFirst.net so I can get your information. Thanks again!

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