Sunday, February 26, 2012

Puzzlewich - Feed Your Brain!

I am thrilled to be featuring Shelisa from a great educational (and FUN) blog called Think Magnet!  Her blog is full of creative and simple ways to incorporate learning into the home.  I love how her posts are short and sweet... and many ideas shared can be done with the things you already have on hand.  She also shares some great advice on how to parent learners within your home. Be sure to stop by and see what great things Shelisa is sharing at Think Magnet!

Some of my personal favorites over at Think Magnet...


1) Sweet Spelling                                   2) Snow Day Science
3) Think Boards      4)  If You Give a Dog a Donut Book Club


It's the simple, easy teachable moments that become my favorite. My husband grew up with puzzle sandwiches. I love continuing this tradition.

 A food for thought chance to practice spatial reasoning, geometry, problem solving and PATIENCE! Also, buys you some time while you're busy filling drinks, cutting up fruit, or actually sitting down to eat your own lunch. When your child is old enough, have them design and cut a puzzlewich for you!

 Apply food puzzling to other foods like pizza, breakfast toast, cheese slices, and tortillas!

I also recently broadened our Puzzlewich tradition in creating a Tangramwich! You are what you what if you eat puzzles.

Happy Puzzle Eating!


  1. This is adorable!
    My kids would love this!

  2. I'll have to wait for grandkids to use this *wonderful* idea - first one is due in August!
    Rachel, thanks for this creative idea for incorporating math into children's everyday experience in a fun way.


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