Thursday, May 24, 2012

For the Kids Friday #64

Welcome to the party!!!
 My children have TWO MORE WEEKS of school!  I can't believe we are already counting down the days.  I am even MORE excited about this summer because I will be spending it back in the US and Canada with our friends and family.  You can believe, I'll be stocking up of my craft supplies while I'm there!

 Check out my favorites from last week's party!
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Rainbow Dyed Pasta
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Creature Camouflage
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Little Clay Houses
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Now, on to this week's party!
For the Kids Friday

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting Rachel! We've got 2 weeks left too!

  2. thanks so much for hosting! will be back later to look at all the links :)

  3. Oooh there are some great ideas here.

  4. I love the giraffe print baby blankets, too sweet. I've just made a frilly tablecloth out of sacking for my patio table and stenciled fish swimming on the top of the table cloth, with Lilly pads and a stork or two. I took some of the remaining cloth and made cell phone covers for my kids Tracfone LG 505C smart phones as I don't want them scratching their touch screens as the phone cost me $90 ea. What makes it worthwhile is the triple minutes for life of the phone though. I had a frog on a Lilly pad stencil that I printed on the one pouch and a Moroccan pattern on the other. You can get these stencils on line and they are great for decorating the kids rooms and bathrooms.

  5. Thanks so much for the feature Rachel. Your parties are great!

  6. Just got into blogging, but love your blog with SO many ideas!!!! And I'm really excited as I just won your summer program over at Crayon Freckles----made my day!!!!!!!! Can't wait;)

  7. The rainbow dyed Pasta would be great. Kids love color and are easily attracted to it.


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