Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A few years ago we started a new tradition in our home.  Instead of giving gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day, we chose to celebrate those days by sharing special time together.  That usually ends up being a picnic and afternoon at the park playing together.  No computers, tv, cell phones... just taking the time to enjoy each other!

So this got me thinking.  Mother's Day doesn't have to be about gifts.  I think few moms would honestly tell you that is what they want for Mother's Day.  So here is my Top 10 Mother's Day "Gift" Ideas.  I hope they help you in creating the best Mother's Day for your wife or mom this year!

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My Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas
... coming from a mom!

1. A Massage
I have met very few moms that wouldn't love to spend an hour or more enjoying a nice, relaxing massage.  However, my daughter has really enjoyed creating her own "spa", whether it is by the hotel pool, or in a corner of the living room, where she likes to invite me to enjoy the services she offers.  It is not the same as a massage I would receive from a professional, sure... BUT, more special in the fact that my daughter cared enough to create a special experience just for me.  I think this is a perfect gift, however you choose to give it.

2. Give Mom the Day Off!
No... I mean, seriously!  I know that we always like to think that "Yes, it is Mother's Day... mom, today you relax."  But as a mom, I can say it is hard to be OK just leaving all of the things that need to be done.  If your mom fills her day doing chores around the house, running errands, taking care of children, and preparing meals (to name a few), those things generally STILL need to be done.  If not, guess who gets to pick up the slack the next day...???  Mom!  So if you really want to give mom the day off, make sure you delegate the responsibilities.  Make breakfast for mom (but be sure to clean up the kitchen afterwards), take the family out to eat, make sure everyone chips in around the house, and so on.

3. Togetherness
Find something that you all enjoy doing as a family and plan to make Mother's Day all about sharing that activity with mom.  As I mentioned above, I love spending time at the park with my family.  For several Mother's Days now we have packed up a nice picnic, some activities, and head to the park.  We spend a day playing, eating and relaxing in nature.  Maybe your family enjoys playing games, and would rather organize a family game day, or a movie night.  You could plan a family hike, or a day at the beach.  The point is, you are together and enjoying your time as a family.

4. Let Mom Feel Beautiful
This will mean something different to each mom.  For one mom, it might mean taking her out to pick out a new outfit.  Another mom might love to go have her hair and her nails done.  If that is more than you can afford to spend... make an occasion!  Dress the entire family up and go out for ice cream sundaes or out to see a movie.  Sometimes as moms we spend a lot of time feeling like a 'mom' and this can be a nice pick-me-up.

5. Time for Herself
I say this, but this is not something that I would want ON Mother's Day... but a gift to enjoy outside of Mother's Day.  This could be as simple as dad offering to hold down the fort so mom can enjoy some grown up time, maybe once a month.  You could enroll mom in a class you know she would enjoy, whether it is an art class, a craft group, yoga class, coffee with friends, or a night out with the girls.  Often times moms feel guilty taking this time, but it is SO important... and very much appreciated!!

6. From the Kids
Often times children will make gifts for mom at school.  These little treasures always touch my heart, and often bring a tear to my eye.  I especially love the little notes where my children tell me what they love most about me, or what they think makes me a good mom.  Even a picture drawn by your child with a message (which can be transcribed) about why they love mom is always a perfect gift.

7. Dads... Do your part!!
Appreciating mom is not just something for the kids on Mother's Day.  So if you are a dad, make sure that you show mom how much you care.  And no... this doesn't mean you need to shower mom with gifts (but it doesn't mean you CAN'T).  Just facilitating a special day where mom can relax and enjoy will mean the world to your wife.  On Mother's Day you need to take the reigns!  If mom likes to sleep in, make sure the kids aren't jumping on her at 6:00 that morning.  (Ok... that's my special request for this Mother's Day.)

8. Reminisce...
As a family, we always enjoy looking back at our home videos and photographs.  It is amazing how you forget some of the little things about your children when they were small.  Time just passes so quickly sometimes.  This doesn't need to be a Mother's Day activity, but it would be a fun way to spend the day.  Create the space... set up some snacks, and share the living room carpet.  Pull out the totes of keepsakes (please don't tell me I'm the only one!) and share stories about the items you find inside.  Watch your old home videos and look through pictures, and see how your family has changed over the years.  Mom played a pretty important roll in all of those memories!

9. Do What She Loves
What does your mom love to do?  Garden, paint, cook, dance, hike?  My mother-in-law loves her garden, and LOVES gardening.  So each year for Mother's Day we have the children pick out new flowers for her garden.  She loves filling her garden in the spring and the children love helping her plant the new flowers.  Grandma gets to spend the day doing what she loves, with people she loves to be with.  So what does your mother love to do?  What could you plan to enjoy doing with your mother on Mother's Day, that you would all enjoy?  I love to quilt, but I can't see my husband being thrilled about sitting at the sewing machine.  I love photography... so perhaps getting the family dressed up for a fun photo shoot in the park would make for a special treat.  It doesn't need to take a lot of money or effort... just the offer and the willingness.  :)

10. Gifts
Of course, you know your mom/wife better than I do.  You don't need to spend a lot, or anything at all, to show mom how much you care.  Sometimes it is fun to take the kids shopping, give them a certain amount of money, and see what they come up with.  The important thing about Mother's Day gifts is that they are thoughtful, and meaningful is even better.  Give a gift from the heart, and you'll make mom very happy!

Wishing all of you Moms a very 
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Hi Rachel! I love your list and completely agree. Time together is the best gift. We do our spring flower planting over this weekend. The kids sneak in homemade cards or back rubs too;) I hope as they grow up and move away (sniff, sniff) they will always know how to celebrate Mother's Day...send me a new bulb or seeds or a flower gift card or pictures of what they planted at their house.

  2. Great ideas! I think moms especially feel loved when they get unique handmade gifts from their loved ones


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