Thursday, August 16, 2012

Half Birthday Celebrations

Since my children were 6 months old, we have held the tradition of celebrating their half birthday with half a birthday cake.  We don't do gifts or a big party.  I simply whip up half of a cake, top it with the appropriate number of candles, and we sing "Happy Half Birthday".  It is a family tradition that the kids love, because it is such a big deal to add that HALF to your age.  

We recently celebrated my son's 7-1/2 birthday!

When my son saw THIS cake, the search was over!
What more could you want in a cake when you're 7-1/2, right?

I have to say, this was the EASIEST cake ever to pull together.  It takes no skill, and is quick to decorate.  I used a box mix and baked it in a large, spring-form pan.  When it was cool, I cut it in half, stacked the two sides with chocolate frosting in-between, then frosted all but the cut side of the cake (so it really does look like half a cake).

I used 6 Kit Kat bars, breaking each stick apart and placing around the cake.  Then top with a bunch of M&M's.  That's it!

Then the trick is to keep the kids from sneaking M&M's before you sing Happy Half Birthday!

It was a huge hit and the perfect half birthday cake for my little guy!


  1. That is a great cake. My son, James, always has a half-birthday celebration because his birthday is three days after Christmas and it gets lost in all the celebrating that is done at that time. Besides, summer is a great time for a birthday celebration!

  2. We celebrate half bithday's too. It gives us a great time to see how much we have grown in just six months. What a great cake!! I really like how you only made one layer and cut it in half.

  3. We also like to celebrate half birthday. One of my friend has birthday on 29th Feb so we celebrate his half birthday ;-) it is amazing things in our friendship. You can also Send Cakes to India from online store.


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