Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Homemade Halloween Costume Inspirations

We will most definitely be making our Halloween costumes this year.  I have come across so many adorable ideas over the past months.  Here are some of the ideas and resources I've found online that I love.  Of course now I am in awe of so many I don't know how on earth we will narrow it down to three!  I hope you find some inspiring ideas here too!

Awesome COLLECTION of Homemade Costumes for Kids
at Modern Kiddo

unique homemade halloween costumes
Another Awesome COLLECTION
at I Heart Naptime

LEGO Ninjago, Sensei Wu
at SunScholars

Easy Sew Native American
at SunScholars

COLLECTION of Homemade Kids' Costumes
at Martha Stewart

Tutorials for Bert, a Penquin, and Mary Poppins
at Make It and Love It

Growing Alice in Wonderland
at Misha Lulu

DSC_0742 DSC_0683
Santa & Buddy the Elf
at Crap I've Made

Tiger and Zebra Costumes
No Sew Tiger and Zebra
at Spoonful

shared at Make It and Love It

Kids Jellyfish Costume
at Family Fun

So here’s my little Oscar the Grouch on his first Halloween! More photos to come…
Oscar the Grouch (photo only)
at Little Frills - Tumbler

at Better Homes & Gardens

Candy Collecting Robot
at Better Homes & Gardens

Green Eggs & Ham

Baby Octopus
at TaylorMade

Cabbage Patch Kid - Homemade costumes for babies
Cabbage Patch Baby
shared by Sara at Costume Works

Raining Cats & Dogs
at Parenting.com

Mad Hatter & Crazy Rabbit - Homemade costumes for kids
The Mad Hatter and the March Hare (photo only)
shared by Viviana at Costume Works

(Glow) Stick Man
at Counting Bunnies Too

Book Fairy
at Lilliedale

at Parenting.com

Mr. Twister
Ok... I would TOTALLY add cows and Hot Wheels cars to this one!
at Parenting.com

Sea Monkey Family
shared at Sea Monkey Geek

Up (photo only)
at A Few of My Favorite Things

Where's Waldo (photo only)
at Inhabitat

Starbucks (photo only)
shared at Starbucks.com

Barbie: The Musketeers Tutorial
at Brown Paper Packages

Gumball Machine
at Inch Mark

PacMan Family
at My Sister's Cucina

Cinderella Tutorial
at Make It and Love It

Family Star Wars Costumes
at Under the Sycamore

Bumble Bee
at Hammer & Thread

DIY Owl Costume
at Mom Inc. Daily

Hoodie Costumes: Little Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf
at Martha Stewart

at Kaboose

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head - Homemade costumes for couples
Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head (photo only)
shared by Jessica at Costume Works

Pinata - Homemade costumes for kids
shared by Wendi at Costume Works

PA040008.JPG  318410_10150420155965239_701240238_10601408_659861551_n.jpg
Lego Men: HERE and HERE
at Instructables

Little Bearded Gnome Costume
Little Bearded Gnome
at Family Fun

Dirty Laundry Trio
shared by Stephanie at Coolest Homemade Costumes

Slurpee Costumes
at Crap I've Made

Where the Wild Things Are (photo only)
at A Little Sussy

Sassy Little Scarecrow Tutu Dress and Matching Hat- sz 0-3 YRS
Tutu Scarecrow (photo only)
on Etsy at Laurie's Tutu Boutique

Toilet (it holds your candy!)
at Instructables

Custom for htaylor1980
Tutu Witch
on Etsy by Dawn Marie

at Better Homes & Gardens

Yip Yips
shared by Keden7 at Martha Stewart

Paper Doll Costume Correct- Image Collection
Paper Doll
at Family Fun

Coolest Barbie and Ken in a Box Costume
Ken & Barbie
shared by Halee at Coolest Homemade Costumes

Cotton Candy - Homemade costumes for girls
Cotton Candy
shared by Monica at Costume Works

shared by Vicky at Coolest Homemade Costumes

There are some VERY creative people out there!
I cannot wait to see what you are dressing your children in this Halloween.  Now... time to get to work on those costumes!!


  1. oh my goodness there are so many absolutely adorable I'm kind of in love with the book fairy and may need to try and convince my hubby to be charcters from the Lego Potter games! Love it

  2. WOW! I love so many of these! My daughter went through phases last year of first wanting to be a pirate princess then a pumpkin and finally a giraffe (what?) a pink and purple giraffe. One purple jump suit with pink felt spots all over and voila! The cutest little giraffe you've ever seen. Of course the day of she went through a "I want to be Frankenstein" moment.....giraffe it is sweetie. Thanks for the great list!

  3. Wow!!! Lovely collections! Love all the costumes and kids are too cute :)

  4. These are awesome. I especially love family ones, but I can't seem to get my kids to coordinate any more. I love homemade costumes over the store bought ones. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love that little UP one!!! These are so cute!

    Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

  6. So Cute! I don't know how I would choose.

  7. Everyone hope they have a good time in Halloween,but I think you must have a Halloween costume firstly ~~~

  8. Homemade is actually my preference when it comes to making a Halloween costume. Just this year I'm making a lion costume for my kid, and everything is already set up. It just needs some time to get done. It's going to look great.

  9. It's really a great post


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