Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unicorn Horn Party Favors

My sis-in-law, Lisa, recently hosted a Unicorn Party for my niece's 4th birthday.  When I saw the adorable little party favors she had made, I told her she HAD to send me some photos so I could share them with all of you.  Look at these simple, and fun Unicorn Horn favors!

The photo doesn't allow you to see inside, but each cone is filled with pastel colored jelly beans.  A sweet little treat for the kiddies!

Unicorn Horn Party Favors

Supplies Needed
- Ice Cream Sugar Cones
- White Chocolate or White Candy Melts
- Plastic Icing Bag or Ziploc Bag optional
- Sprinkles of choice (Lisa used colored stars)
- Candy to fill them up
- Cellophane and Ribbon to finish them off

1) Melt chocolate as directed.  I usually use a microwave, heating for 30 seconds at a time and mixing after each, until the chocolate is just melted.  Be careful not to over cook!

2) Once chocolate is melted you can transfer it into an icing bag (or Ziploc bag with one corner snipped) and pipe a spiraling line of chocolate down each ice cream cone.  OR, you can omit the use of the icing bag and completely coat the outside of each ice cream cone with chocolate.

3) Sprinkle with candy sprinkles before the chocolate cools too much.  Let the cones sit for several hours in a fairly cool place (refrigerating is not necessary), until the chocolate has completely set.

4) Fill with some yummy goodies, wrap in cellophane, and add a pretty bow!

Here are a couple more examples I was able to find on Pinterest,
though neither of these sites shared a how-to...
at Hildebrand

at Carly Taylor Photography

I love these!  Thanks for sharing Lisa!


  1. They are very pretty! Such a clever theme for a party.

  2. Oh how fun, my daughter was hoping for unicorn snacks at her party and I completely drew a blank. Will have to pin this idea for next year!

  3. What a cute idea.....love the way they turned out. (Momma's Fun World)


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