Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simple & Elegant Rose Cake

Cakes in China are not like the cakes we enjoy in the US.  They look pretty, and can be decorated quite elaborately, but they don't taste the same.  They are very spongy, not as sweet... just not the same.  Somehow my name was shared with one of the local western restaurants in our city as someone that "makes cakes".  I had to laugh.  Yes, I make MY children's birthday cakes, but I am by no means a "cake-maker"!  

However, I accepted the challenge of making a cake to feed 35 adults and 25 kids...
Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, covered in chocolate shavings.  Mmmmm!
You can find my favorite chocolate frosting recipe HERE.

Yes... I was very nervous!
It didn't help matters that I knew who this cake would be delivered to... One of my expat friends!
I thought, even if I was successful at making this cake and having it all turn out, I was bound to dump it on delivery!  However, I am happy to say all went well, and the cake arrived at the party fully in tact and perfectly edible!

THEN I received a request for a second cake due the next day.
Relax Rachel... You can do it!

I have to say, I LOVE how this one turned out!

See the sticks holding up the little banner?  Chop sticks!  haha...
I do wish I hadn't added the purple border along the bottom.  It looked perfectly beautiful without it, but I thought I would add a little color to tie in the banner on top.  Afterwards I thought it was probably nicer without.  Oh well... my sister always did tell me that I tend to over-do things.

It was very simple to do.  I am not going to recreate the tutorial for you here, because I found THIS great tutorial to create a Rose Cake at I am Baker.  Well worth a visit!

I like how her frosting looks much smoother than mine.  However, I believe that mine would have looked the same had I added a little more cream to my frosting recipe.  It was a little tough to squeeze from my piping bag.

I also think that the star-tip I have might not have notches cut as deeply as the one used in the tutorial.  However, same effect, and I think it is a stunning finished product either way.

And in case you are curious, THIS is the buttercream frosting recipe I use and love!
I use at least half unsalted butter rather than all shortening.

Check out this beautiful wedding cake made at Sister's Baking Co. using the same technique!

I will definitely be using this technique again!
I hope you try it out too!


  1. They both look great! Now the secrets out...I bet you'll be making a lot more cakes.

  2. W.O.W.! I am a rose crazy person. And why not? my birthday is in June, and my Mother would make me a cake and put fresh roses on it. Absolutely love your Rose Cake. The roses looks so real, you used the right size tip in my opinion. Did look at the tute, even though hers is also very pretty, I love yours the best. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your new found business.


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