Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY Lego Table

This is one of my most favorite gifts given this Christmas.  My son loves Lego, but we haven't had a nice place for him to build and play that didn't need to be "put away" when we  needed the space for other things.  This is the perfect solution.  A place to store all of his Legos in a nice, organized fashion, so things are easy to find, AND a great place to build and play!  The best part is, it was so easy to put together.

My inspiration for this project came from THIS Lego Table I had found on Flickr.

Supplies Needed
  • 2 IKEA Trofast Storage Shelves with Boxes (HERE)
  • Lids for each box, optional (HERE)
  • 9 Lego Base Plates, 10" x 10" (HERE)
  • Double-Sided Tape or Glue
  • 4 Screws
  • Sharpie Marker

1. Build the storage shelves according to the directions.

2. Line the shelves up side-by-side.  Add a couple of extra screws, two on the top and two on the bottom, to keep the two shelves together to form the table.  See the image below.

3. Add your Lego Base Plates to the top.  Because we expect to be moving in the next year or two, we went for the not-so-permanent option for attaching the Lego Base Plates.  We put double-sided tape along the underside of each plate, on each of the four sides.  We placed the center plate first, then used Lego blocks to lock the plates in proper alignment when placing the 8 pieces around the center plate.
You can also glue these base plates into place.  If you choose to do this, I would recommend using E6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive (my favorite glue for crafting).  Add a line of glue along each length of the base plate and put it into position.  I used Lego blocks to interlock between plates to make sure they were properly aligned.  I would also recommend leaving some heavy books on top of the base plates until the glue has set.

4.  Add your boxes (or buckets as I would call them).  I spent a good chunk of time sorting our Legos so everything was nice and organized.  Then I used a Sharpie marker to label each bucket.  These are the buckets we have: Blocks, Big Flats, Special Blocks, Home Parts, Car Parts, Bits, Minifigures, Ninjago (x2), Flats, New Projects, Books (all of our building instruction books).

Side One...

Side two...

And that is all there is to it!

This is what my son found Christmas morning.
(I added the labels to the buckets after this was taken)

One happy boy!

Happy Lego Building!


  1. This is so awesome! We've been looking for something like this for our son and this is so easy. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. How long did it take to build this?

  3. I'm confused about how to complete step #2 in the directions. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!! Awesome project.

  4. I'm confused about how to complete step #2 in the directions. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!! Awesome project.

  5. I am also confused about step #2.. Can you please clarify????


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