Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HACKED! By Jingle (the Elf on the Shelf)

Hi, this is Jingle the Elf.
In case you are wondering, this blog has been HACKED... by me.  I've been having lots of fun causing mischief around the Harwood home this year.  Of course, I'm pretty proud of the silly things I do... mostly because I know the kids get a real kick out of me.

I've been seeing what all my elf buddies have been doing through the internet, and I don't know why I can't be a blog-star myself.  I AM handsome enough!  WAY better looking than most of the elves out there!  So I am here to make my online debut!

This is me in action!  And to all of my fellow elves, feel free to use some of my tricks to enjoy some shenanigans of your own.  Like I said before... I've learned from the best online elf stars myself!  Read below for all the details... and don't you worry!  I'll be back!

(the Elf on the Shelf)

  1. I made my debut the day after mom took part in a cookie swap.  I decided to stake my claim to the cookies that were stored in the fridge, leaving a note so everyone knew that they now belonged to me!
  2. My girl, Barbie, and I haven't been together for a year now.  So my first night back had to be spent with her.  I treated her real good.  We went for a nice drive in her pink convertible, ate some Christmas cookies from my stash in the fridge, and enjoyed a drive-in cartoon.
  3. Time to get down to business.  I thought I'd leave an early Christmas present for the kids... so I wrapped up the toilet.  Boy were they surprised!
  4. The children had made me such nice homes, I had to take some time to enjoy them.  I ate snacks, had something to drink, and decided to get a good night's sleep (after doodling on Wesley's picture, of course).
  5. You've been Elfed!!!  Haha... I snuck into the children's rooms and stole their underwear to hang on the Christmas tree.  hee hee!
  6. I had so much fun doodling on Wesley's class picture, I thought I'd do the whole family.  I think it's an improvement... don't you?  Of course, it was just a dry erase marker, so they were able to wipe them clean.  Next time I'm going for the Sharpie!
  7. See the green bucket I'm sitting in?  I stole the candy from the children's advent calendar for that day... hee hee.  Of course, I was a bit bored waiting for them to wake up, so I thought I'd play with some toys with my girlfriend, Barbie, until they woke up.
  8. Charlotte had left me some nice treats and presents in her little house... so instead of pulling pranks on the kids that night, I pigged out on treats.  You can't see all of the wrappers in the picture... but trust me.  I made quite a mess!
  9. I played house with the dolls one night, and THEY put a diaper on me, put me in the stroller, and were pushing me around the house.  It was quite humiliating being found by the kids that morning!
  10. This night I found a fun doodle pad, and thought I'd have some fun drawing.  Of course, I had to have some treats close by.
  11. I thought it was a good idea to head back to the North Pole with a nice shave for Christmas.  No one told me I didn't have anything to shave until AFTERwards.
  12. I thought the other toys in the house could use some lessons on Elfing.  So I held a class.  Of course, Ken is always trying to get in between me and Barbie.  I had had enough... he was in the dunce cap most of the night.

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