Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snowman Sugar Cookies

Snowman Sugar Cookie

I made these adorable snowmen cookies for the cookie swap this year.  They were easy to make... and believe me when I say I really don't have any special talents in the confection department.  These are simple and cute cookies that I think anyone can do!

I use THIS Sugar Cookie recipe.  Cut circles out of rolled dough using a cup or a circle-shaped cookie cutter, bake and cool completely before decorating.

The frosting for the snowmen can be found HERE.  I love this icing because it sets, so the cookies can be easily stacked and transported without ruining your decorating.

The face of the snowman is made using chocolate chips for the eyes and mini chocolate chips for the mouth.  I created a carrot nose using orange candy that I cut into shape.  I wasn't able to find candy corn, or I would have used that... instead, I used sugar peach ring gummy candies.  Place the chocolate chips and candy nose in place just after frosting the cookie while the frosting is still soft.

I also dusted the top of the cookies with powdered sugar to add a little extra "snow".

Set your cookies aside for several hours to allow the frosting to set.  I left mine over night, and they were ready to stack in the morning.

Here are my finished cookies...

Don't they look pretty on the plate of cookies?

I spy, with my little eye, a cute little snowman cookie!
Cookie Swap

Our cookie swap was a great success this year.  Living in China with many other families from around the world meant an amazing collection of goodies; from Australia, Germany, Denmark, Mexico, and the US.  I was so excited to bring home a plate full of treats from our friend's kitchens.

If you want to know how I plan for a simple and stress-free cookie swap, you can find the details in my post HERE.  Have fun in the kitchen this Christmas!

And don't miss my Santa Sugar Cookies found HERE!
Santa Decorated Cookie

Happy Baking!

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  1. These are adorable!!! The perfect cookie for my cookie tray! I think my kids would love helping me with these!


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