Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Travel Play Set - Kids Craft Project

DIY Travel Play Set
Please pop on over to Red Ted Art today!  I am sharing a tutorial for a very fun and creative, little travel play set that was created by my 9 year old daughter, Charlotte.  She thought it would be fun to turn a regular pencil box into a play house to take along on our long car rides.  We loved the idea so much, that we thought we'd make another pair.  She and her sister have had so much fun with these.  They are perfect for Little Pet Shop figurines or small dolls, and so nice and compact that they can take them anywhere.

Charlotte would be thrilled to hear what you think of her creation.  She is so very proud.  Maggy, thank you so much for letting us share at Red Ted Art!  You can visit the tutorial HERE.

Happy Crafting!
& Charlotte


  1. These are beautiful! My preschooler would LOVE something like this for her upcoming trip : ) Tell your daughters thanks for a great idea!


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