Tuesday, April 23, 2013

100 Days of Play - Baker Shop Pretend Play

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Baker Shop Pretend Play
Be sure to stop by Crystal's Tiny Treasures for today's 100 Days of Play activity!

Welcome to the 100 Days of Play Blog Hop, hosted by SunScholars and Life at the Zoo.  Take our 100 Day Challenge!  For 100 days, commit to connecting with your children ~ in their world!  Commit to 100 Days of Play!  Let the housework sit untouched for 30 minutes, get away from the stress of the world, get on the floor and give the gift of your time to your children.  You commit and we will share!  100 blogs from around the world and across the web will be sharing 100 fun ways to play with your kids.  Nothing required that you wouldn't already have in your home.  Find ideas in the Blog Hop to inspire your play, or come up with your own.  The point is to connect and have fun.  This is not just a challenge, but a special gift for you AND your kids.  We'd love to have you follow along.

100 Days of Play Blog Hop
Sharing simple ideas on how to connect with your children through play!
New ideas shared each day from 4/1 - 7/20.  

Happy Playing!

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