Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beautiful Dresses for Children in Tanzania

Meet Sylvie...

See the beautiful dress she is wearing??
Keep reading and I will tell you how you can have your very own!

Sylvie is a family friend from my hometown.  She has a love for service, teaching, and fashion.
Today, Sylvie is living in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, Africa, where she is working with the African Modern Arts Project (AMAP).  You can learn more about this project HERE.

With her love of fashion design, she has been working on a little project of her own.

She is using beautiful fabrics, hand-dyed in Tanzania, and teaming with local artists and dress-makers to create some amazing dresses.

These are simply beautiful, from the colorful fabrics to the design... and each one unique!

Most importantly of all, all profits from her dresses benefit a wonderful cause!  She is giving it all to AMAP to benefit underprivileged children in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

AMAP currently provides education for 150 students 4-6 years of age, that would otherwise not have the opportunity.  These same children will receive financial support when continuing onto primary school to cover the cost of their tuition and uniforms.

Sylvie Says, "During my time with AMAP we have been making strides toward providing a more diverse experience for the students by providing teacher education, implementing Montessori learning techniques and materials, providing weekly art sessions and sports play on Fridays. The director of AMAP, Saidi, is committed to growing his project and ensuring the students get all that is possible out of their time at AMAP. After all the experiences I've had working with schools and organizations in East and South Africa, I feel I have finally found a project where passion and follow-through exist. It has been inspiring and exciting to join together with Saidi and Pili to try to expand the project."

Sylvie is selling her amazing,
custom-made dresses for $50 USD each! 
$35-40 USD per dress will go directly to supporting the school, which means it will go directly to supporting the quality education of the beautiful little kids you seen in some of the photos here. $40 USD goes a long way in Tanzania. By selling two dresses she can fund the building of a cover for a section of the back yard, where the kids can sit to learn. This is extremely important because currently there is no electricity at the school and one class of learners sits all morning in a dim room, where they have to strain to see the blackboard.

I would LOVE to help Sylvie with this amazing project, which is why I am sharing this with you!

Here are some of the beautiful dresses she has created...

Find more of Sylvie's designs HERE!

The best part is, Sylvie will work with you to create your very own, unique piece.  Provide Sylvie with your measurements, sharing the style and colors you prefer, and she will have a dress made just for you.  All dresses will be made in Tanzania, and shipped to you when she returns to the US in mid-May.

Please contact my friend Sylvie via e-mail HERE if you are interested in helping her raise money for this amazing charity!

Thank you!!


  1. just popped over there! i'm in love with that green one and some of her fabrics...

    1. I know, they are beautiful, aren't they!!!

  2. Thank You Rachel for doing this to help Sylvie & the kids in Tanzania!

    I enjoy the photos Carmen posts of your kiddos. Cora


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