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Summer Learning - Learn Through Play

Sun Scholars - Create the Scene, Learn through Play

I am excited to share with you another activity from my 12 Week Summer Learning Program.  If you like this activity, and are interested in filling your child's summer with more fun learning activities like this one, you won't want to miss my program.  You can learn more about it HERE.

Who says book reports have to be written?  This activity is a fun way for your child to practice their reading comprehension skills and play outside of the book!  I love it, because it can be done with children of ALL ages.  So have your child grab a favorite book and let's learn through play!

Create the Scene

Subjects:  Art & Reading
Time:  30+ min.
Suggested Materials:
  • Book of Choice
  • Shoe Box or other Clean Recyclables
  • Various Art Supplies
  • Glue, Tape, Scissors, Markers
  1. Have your child select a book to read themselves or together (depending on their age).  Some stories will take place in a single scene, while others might involve more than one.  Can your child identify where the story takes place?  Are their pictures in the book to give the child an idea of what the surroundings in the story might look like?
  2. Once your child has identified the scenes within the story, have them decide what particular part of the story they found most interesting.  This is the part of the story they will be creating!  What are the important elements of that scene to the story?
  3. Ask your child to create this scene!  Using boxes and art supplies, have your child make a diorama of the story.  Did they make sure to include all of the important elements from the story?  What characters were involved?
  4. Once your child has created their scene, they can use it to retell the story!  How much of the story can they tell using their creation? 
In our image above, we chose to create the home of the Three Bears, from the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  It was a fun one to create and made for a perfect story retell!

Let your child have fun with this!  There is nothing better than learning through play!

From Week 8 ~ Fun With Fairytales of the 12 Week Summer Learning Program

Sun Scholars Summer Learning Program

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I'll have another fun idea for you from the Sun Scholars Summer Program next Sunday!
Have Fun Learning!

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