Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer Learning - Linking Paper Clips Trick

I am excited to share with you another activity from my 12 Week Summer Learning Program.  If you like this activity, and are interested in filling your child's summer with more fun learning activities like this one, you won't want to miss my program.  You can learn more about it HERE.

Most kids love magic!  There are some simple little tricks out there that children can learn, so they too can be little magicians. By learning a magic trick, and performing it, they are able to practice some very important skills!  Magic is a great way to encourage some fun, summer learning!  Try this simple little trick with your children.

Linking Paper Clips Trick

Subjects:  Language & Life Skills
Time:  10+ min.
  • Dollar Bill
  • 2 Paper Clips, identical

Here is a fun magic trick for beginners!
  1. Have your child first read the directions below for performing this trick.
  2. Once your child has read the instructions for this magic trick, encourage them to practice. The more they practice, the easier it will be for them to pull off a great performance.
  3. When your child has the trick down have them share it with a friend or family member! 
For Younger Children
Younger children may need assistance reading the instructions for this trick. You can help them by reading to them, along with them, or by asking them to refer to the pictures to understand how the trick is performed. Even if they are unable to read, these are great practices for young readers!

Linking Paper Clips Trick Instructions

Step 1  Fold a dollar bill into thirds so that one third is folded over the top, and the bottom third is folded underneath. If you look at this from the side it’ll look like a Z.

Step 2  Place the paper clips so that one paper clip is fastened on top (holding the 1st and 2nd thirds together) next to one end of the bill. The second paper clip is fastened to the bottom (holding the 2nd and 3rd, thirds together) next to the other end of the bill.
Step 3  Make sure you have about 1 inch of space between the paper clips, and there is enough of each end of the dollar bill for you to grab onto. Now, holding the ends of the dollar bill, gently begin to pull.

Step 4  As you pull, the clips will get closer and closer together. Before they meet, give the dollar bill a firm tug and the two paper clips will link together!

From Week 11 ~ Hocus Pocus of the 12 Week Summer Learning Program

Sun Scholars Summer Learning Program

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I'll have another fun idea for you from the Sun Scholars Summer Program next Sunday!
Have Fun Learning!


  1. oh this is so much fun! I son loves playing tricks. have to share with him.

  2. My daughter just did this trick for her Gifted Math Class for a Magic Show. So much fun!


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