Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pack-a-Picnic - Simple Gift for Teacher

Picnic Gift for Teacher

My children finish school this week.  Of course, I almost forgot about gifts for their teachers with the craziness of life!  I was at IKEA with a friend recently when I found these great cooler bags.  As soon as I found them, I knew that I had my gift idea for the kids' teachers.  We were going with a picnic theme!  Perfect, because I needed something quick and easy to put together.  I think these came together as nice gifts.

Here is what we put together...

Homemade Gift for Teacher

Where we live, not many people have an oven in their home.  I thought that some homemade goodies would be much appreciated.  We also hoped that the cooler bag and picnic blanket would be something the teachers could use over and over.

Gift for Teacher

Ok... so I didn't TOTALLY go with the orange theme here, but I had some of these tags left over from the end-of-the-year gifts for the kids, so I thought I would add them.
Orange you glad it's summer?
I found the tags HERE, from a post shared by Making Memories With Your Kids HERE.

End of the Year Gift for Teacher

We tucked all of the goodies inside the cooler bag and tied the picnic blanket to the top with the tag.  I was hoping the blanket would fit inside so it was all nice and contained, but I was afraid the goodies would get squished.  And not to forget... a special note from each child included!

Teacher Gift Ideas
Three kids... three teachers.  Gifts are all ready to be delivered!  

Happy Last Days of School!

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tote bag

Homemade Gift Ideas for Teacher

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