About Me

My name is Rachel Harwood.  I am a stay-at-home mom of three young children.  For the last few summers I have wanted to incorporate some kind of educational curriculum into my childrens' daily routine.  Each summer, I've found myself overwhelmed with putting something together that I felt I could manage with all of the other responsibilities I had around the home.  I realized the need for something that was simple, yet fun, and right there when I needed it.  That led me to creating exactly that: A fun, simple educational program that stay-at-home moms and other caregivers could have at their fingertips.  That is why I created the Sun Scholars Summer Program.

Other than my experience as a mom, I have worked with young children throughout my life in the role of caregiver and teacher.  I have a Bachelor of Science with honors in Business Administration from the University of Oregon in 2000, and a Bachelor of Education from The University of Western Ontario in 2006.  I have been a certified teacher through the Ontario College of Teachers in Ontario, Canada since 2006.  I have had additional education training in TRIBES Learning Communities and Special Education.  For the last three years I have acted as a Girl Scout troop leader.  I also spend about 6 hours a week volunteering in my children's classrooms.

he Sun Scholars Summer Program is not only something I've created, but something that I use.  It is something that I have designed with my children in mind.  If a busy mom like me can make this work, then anyone can!  Your children can have a fun and educational summer vacation!  I hope you take some time to check it out.

In 2011 my family moved to China, where we are living as expats.  Though I don't share a lot about our experiences here on my blog, it has been a great adventure for our family.  From time to time I will be sharing things about our experiences... but please feel free to ask if would like any information on being expats, and what it is like for us in China.

I love crafting, baking, cooking, camping, and teaching.  Most of what you will find on this blog will relate to my interests and the things that I enjoy doing and sharing with my family and loved ones.  I am so excited to be here sharing with all of you!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you visit often, and I'm happy to have you as a new friend.